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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

INVENTORY_VIRTUAL-MUSEUM_SALES_ARCHIVE : PART 01- B : SCRAPS in maps 10 to must be defined when complete (10 more to go)


Inventory retirement sale    :   click on the text line so see albuù below text

 SCRAPS in map 10 : Animals, dwarfs, bird cages, occupations and children


19th century each chromo fotograped (count yourself ) SCRAPS_MAP11_dogs, Mops,Teckel,Windhond GLANS BILDERMops,Teckel,Windhond

PARTS to come : 

- Advertising Poulain   Baron & many other advertising choclate ect.... ,  dogs, cats  ( 3 maps ), anthropomorph, children and Persons (5 maps), Cirkus .....

updating day by day, until all scraps are photographed, a hell of a job :  

next update 22 oct 2020

Thursday, October 15, 2020


all parts get a number from 01 to 99 subject related

PART 10  to define better   Dynasty

Dynasty for sale at Delcampe :more than 300 lots ( approximatly  3000 cards)

LOT of ALL ( more than 315 Delcampe sales) , ALL my postcards related to royal families, all countries, 20th century

  • Item n° #978735241

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


SCRAPS_PART_01a .....  in MAP  01 to 09  

PART II in boxes, albums and paper sheets   numbered 1 to  .............10 probably, must be defined

Scraps, découpis, Oblaten, die-cuts, Glansbilder, chromos couveautés, cut-outs, relief prints, stonepress cinderellas, découpis,découpé, découpage, die cut, uitgekapte prentjes, gaufré, relief  =  cut out figures of ephemera glued in  "Albums de Collections" : lithographed print-outs which were packed with a  sales ( chocolate, bread, etc...) , mostly food and cheap products ... from 1870 to 1900 ... to please at house the children, and to keep them quiet, when unpacking the bought articles.  Most of the time they were glued in albums or big pages, in the evening by candle light,  to be collected en albums or collection-boxes.



map 02
map 03



 30 September 2020 

 INVENTORY also VIRTUAL MUSEUM also all our SALES worldwide  and ARCHIVE = ephemera archive : COLLECTOMANIA collection of maps and albums 

104.000 photos to organise, will be organised during folowing years ... so lots of work todo, you can click on the link and save it, to study all the albums.  The titles will mention how many images and SUBJECT title ... all is for sale somewhere in my shop, and on my internet sites  at fixed prices and many on auctions.  

as long as not organised better, here you can see lots of partly organised trade cards in albums :

click on this link to see 104.000 fotos, thematic albums ENJOY !

contact me for more info .... 

to mail me click on this line : Albert Van den

 This Blog will be a try-out for bringing in all our photographs of trade cards : fifty years collecting Advertising Ephemera presented online on many platforms in all languages AND suplemented with for-sale in our retirement sales  So same-time-show : our sales and archive as exposition in our Virtual Museum

So I start now, begin october 2020 with the dividing  our inventory-collections  :  600 maps,  one map at a time : each map fully photograped and beeing on sale somewhere (links will show you where when brought in auction).   Prices will go down 30% if aquiring 3 to 5  maps of a collection.  And when buying all maps of a collection price will be 40% down.  If buying FULL archive then discount is 50%.  

As example you can follow as a start, the evolution of my a SCRAP-collection of more than 20 maps, 10 BIG albums and some boxes filled with scraps. This full collection is far too extended   

SCRAPS chromos GLANS BILDER,PRE 1900, 19 maps thematic +7 maps PUB, +10 albums 30X40cm, anno 1880 à 1890, 1000nds

1000nds of photos .... so impossible to describe and let see all the necessary information in auctions which allows 12 to 100 photos .... this BLOG  is the answer  to this constraint

So there will follow a dividing in smaller parts, each day one or 2, and this µI will do week by week.  So in 2 years all wil be online and the images, to be provided in catalogues, will never be lost.
To see all my collections being divided, follow this Blog  and see being born small parts of collections in blocks : 600 maps  to be mapped in directories, which will evoluate to the Virtual museum. 

Of course there will also be individual sales too .....  and these are not mentioned in the big Delcampe 20maps+10scrapalbums sale but are included in total price in which are ALL "scraps in sale"  as wel as "to bring in sale, but still not photographed"  :

Here are all our scraps at DELCAMPE :

and all our scraps = die-cuts at EBAY

reference (must get be numbered )  SCRAPS_MAP1_horses (and donkeys)

 ALL the Maps with photographed and on the internet  :

SCRAPS_MAP1_horses (and donkeys) = following link for all scraps already photographed :

continued at 

click on this line to goto next page

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 Preparing INVENTORY 

Thanks for reading this blog.   We have won 4 years ... now preparing our archive to give it free for consult by students and collectors, digital century :

Purpose is to find a way to bring structure and effectiveness for research ... and at same time have to run business as usual and do no work double.

So scanning and at same time make structure by titling and referring numbers : to be presented in THIS BLOG  (300.000 pictures) AND all this in digital maps presenting all prints in my websites.  Because I decided to use these websites further, because they were weaved in my brain 50 years ago, and still serve the purpose wherefore I designed  them.   Now they will serve the New Times Coming and my websites will be changing only slightly.  Same subject related : only printed advertising Ephemera printed both sides of card with lithographic paints ( printing ink ).  Those last 25 years of my life I intend to transform the archive to digital and so I can sell all my collections and don't need my archive anymore. 

So we will NOT need 5 more years to finish all necessary changes and further improvements.  All  will be finished end next year 2021 to serve collectors better.  

My goal is : to transform all my info gathered in collections, catalogues and research by introducing them in a virtual museum that will show all kind of tradecards on photo in right directories.  Around 2022  catalogues will be enlarged and remain free to study.

VIRTUAL MUSEUM Collectomania, the website  will be a digital archive platform.  Just like (since 45 years)  for subject and themes on trade cards, as well as the various presentations of these on paper-cards, vignettes, in sets or odd cards, on stamps, on visit cards, on flyers, pamphlets, folders (double, triple, ect... ), booklets, postcards, posters, affiches, menucards, tickets, calendars, games, boxes, leaflets, scraps, die-cuts and all kind of material : thick hard paper, metal, hardboard to cigarette paper ... small items as stamps to meters wide Wall Affiches ... printed in one color to 24 colors ... printers and their hand-press lithos, as well as wood-block printing, gravures, etchings, chromo-litho's and all other printing techniques and material and forms to print on. 

CATALOGUES online, free to use as always .  I used this website to host only the cards I collected myself, and NO other ...  since 45 years for  "Au Bon Marché",  for  Extract of Meat Companies like Liebig and Cibils,  Chocolate Companies like Suchard, Guérin Boutron and many other.  From now on All tradecard sets with their printers, with their illustrators, sets descriptions (all photographed), their variations and printing differences during 150 years ... catalogue numbers in all countries and languages, titles ... this project is a 10 year project.  So not extended shortly.


So we start now, begin october 2020 with the dividing  our inventory-collections  :  20 to 50 maps, to on map at a time : each map fully photograped and beeing one sale.   Prices will go down 30% if aquiring more maps of a collection.  And when buying all maps of a collection price will be 40% down.  

As example you can follow a SCRAP-collection of more than 20 maps, 10 BIG albums and some boxes filled with scraps. This full collection is far too extended   

SCRAPS chromos GLANS BILDER,PRE 1900, 19 maps thematic +7 maps PUB, +10 albums 30X40cm, anno 1880 à 1890, 1000nds

1000nds of photos .... so impossible to describe and let see all the necessary information.   So there will follow a dividing in smaller parts this week

To see all my collections being divided, follow this Blog  and see being born small parts of collections in blocks : 600 maps  to go in directories

If you have in mind a special collection to start next week, just eamail me

These are some examples of coming collections that will be divided:

brands : chocolate, cacao, coffee, meat extract, bazars, stoves, music, sewing
Special brands with enormous choice : Liebig as example :  ( =Dutch, French, German, Italy, GB etc...), sets of 6 or more, Table cards, original paintings, Menucards, Callendars, other PuB, folders, cooking books
countries : expeditions, military, insects, mamals, flowers, flags, 
forms : scraps, postcards, menucards, cigarette cards, calendars, vignettes, etiquettes/labels, posterstamps, etc......postcards, illustrators, film, music scores
subjects, themes : sports ( Tennis, mountain climbing), feast days ( easter, new year, christmas), dogs and dog-carts, perfume, wine, champagne etc......

Next Blogs will be updated continiously, as they are both sales/auctions AND catalogue AND Virtual Museum at same time

please follow up each month 

and follow our auction/fixed prices on 

Albert Van den Bosch


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

August 2020_ENGLISH

August 2020_ENGLISH

You will see the Crowd Fund happening, without cost for users when the websites change around 2022 ... with all catalogues for all edited trade cards.

Due to Corona we were handicapped in sending (  some packages to USA took 2 months ... now it is better 3 weeks to one month) ... please accept my apologies that I could not help.

The internet takes advantage : traveling collectors visiting me in Antwerp ... do limit themselves to only internet handlings on my websites and on the auctions we work with.

so far, so good

End 2021 inventory will be presented end of year, meanwhile we continue most of our sellings at 

Also my own websites are stil working smoothly , but when you use the CHROME browser you will have to choose for advanced settings and agree, that can take weeks to months, I don't know when they will change that :      catalogues for Liebig, Cibils, Au Bon Marché, Suchard 

and   ephemera advertising cards, worldwide from 1800 to first Worldwar, further : only litho-printed, printers and illustrators mentioned, international and regional, brands ... complete sets, (stories, caricatures, design, art related) on menucards, calendars, events related : expositions,  jubilees,  dated and marked in catalogues or if not : VERY scarse to find cards.

Lots of work to do, always at your service !

stay strong in these Corona times

Saturday, April 25, 2020


saturday April 25th 


Collectors definitively do'nt like the commercial aspect of what I had in mind.
So  .   .. NO CROWD FUND .. no investments ... there will be raised   simply a new website Free project in 2022

I got only  feedback and questions of investors ... and just that was not my intention.

So for me things will become a lot easier : initially  i took to many work on me.  It is a relief that things get much more uncomplicated.

So :
- no auctions on itself.  
- all regio-managers, will have to do ALL  themselves (accountancy, organise their members, fairs, auctions and so on).  They will get no support financial or whatever from our organisation...... but they can inscribe in 2022 to the organising-website FREE, and ask help in a forum of volunteers.  All will be FREE but we will have to think and brainstorm this over and over.  We will work this out during  2020.... fill in what we need from software in 2021 and ... to end and finish ... being operational during 2022.

This will give me the time to administer and finish my own business smoothly in following years.   
I can now see the NEW WEBSITE  2022 ( name has to be invented ) as my latest project in the collecting-world.  My wife and I are 75 and that new platform will be my last good deed.

So there is no need anymore for a crowd funding.  The new-website will just live on paying advertisers (fairs, shops, commercial catalogues, ... All those who Paypalled investments are paid back.

My websites  en  will be sold or continued  ............... or Franchised with a contract for help during 2 years by myself.  All to be thought over.
All my personal collections and the shops archive will be sold out.   Lots of these collections will be sold, as in the past already for 50 years : 
at Delcampe, as seller   COLLECTOMANIA


at Ebay, as seller 

There will be a lot of combined lots coming at those internet auctions so regulary check the websites.
- So there will be made a new website (or maybe suits us) and that will be a FRAME-website-platform.  With agenda for fairs and international conventions, shows, musea and expositions worldwide ... that will be fun.
- Such calendar will also contain regional club-evenings, meetings ... flea-markets, brocantes ect..
- Websites of sole collectors ....
- a real big SEARCH engine only to related collecting :  themas, regios, illustrators, editors, brands, old international Firms that edited series : chocolate editions, tobacco, sportclubs,  collectors-lists, catalogues, with prices ( fairs, sellers, merchants, collector sales), and also catalogues with only Star-reference to rarity- lists and info about illustrators, their autographs and abbreviations they used (many had many !!! )
- we will pick out in ALL auctions worldwide the collecting-pieces of our interest and SHARING this ... instead of beeing lonely predaters.  The 10,000nds of topic-forums will keep us so busy and joy-fullfilled that it will be our Heaven-on-Earth
ALL this means that we will be just a service-giving-website driven by cooperation of collectors worldwide providing info and realtime 

All this will be a must-site where you can orientate in your region but  also when travelling

Once a month we will brainstorm further.....and if interested you can mention this to me in an email with CV and your interests.  I promised the guys and girl who did react to collaborate that they are considered by me as "chosen" for the new project 2022 and will be rewarded in 2022 by options and responsibilities in the new Platform.

I will now do more concentration on my business and sellings and will continue on this blog with a 2-monthly-blog and keep all interested updated

keep other collectors informed who don't know me yet,  and please spread this words

and don't forget :  ............ Please stay healthy in these CORONA times